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Sicce Voyage Nano Power Head 250

Sicce Voyage Nano Power Head 250

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  • Silent operation - Sicce has some of the quietest pumps on the market to date, and the Voyager Nano is no exception!
  • Safe - A fine-slotted protection grid ensures that your fish and inverts will remain safe and protected from the impeller
  • Adaptability - Ability to be connected to an ON/OFF controller like a ReefKeeper, Apex, timer, or the Sicce Wave Surfer for natural water movement
  • Self Cleaning and Lubricating - Water is forced into the impeller chamber to keep it lubricated and clean of debris, reducing maintenance, extending pump life, and keeping the pump running cooler
  • Adjustable - The included vibration dampening magnetic mount swivels to allow complete control over where your flow is being directed



  • Flow Rate - 270 GPH
  • Maximum Glass Thickness - 12mm
  • Power Consumption - 2.8 Watts
  • Amps - .02A
  • Cord Length - 7.2 feet
  • Warranty - 3 Years
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